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When an Enclosed Car Transport is the way to go, better choose the best

When an Enclosed Car Transport is the way to go, better choose the best

Luxury, classic and rare. if one, two of that or all three of those words describe your car then the term “handle with care” is not enough of an assurance for you when transporting it. For you it will need to be secured, no scratches, no finger prints and would look just like it came out from the factory.

If you need a reliable ENCLOSED CAR TRANSPORT new jersey then today’s your lucky day! VMS lux offers a car transport service that can give you that peace of mind and a breath of fresh air.

 Reputation: VMS is well known to have and delivered a wide variety of vehicles from auto dealers, from/ to collectors, to car shows and to individuals. All of them were more than happy with the service provided. With VMS you can be sure that your care will be taken cared of by the best people at VMS. no bluff just an all-around quality service all out.

New equipment: they keep up with the times and are always looking ways to make car transport safer for your cars. That is why they never think twice about investing in new equipment to ensure that your car will have the modern and high-quality care that it deserves and they are known for when transporting your car.

White glove service: Their aim is customer satisfaction as its highest, which is why they have a white glove service for the cars that they handled. What is customer satisfaction like? When your car arrives and it was the same beauty that you see before it got transported without any fingerprints and any evidence that it was mishandled.

Additional protection: They know that if a luxury, classic or rare car is being transported; it will only be a matter of time before their owner will get a heart attack if their precious care will get scratched, that is why VMS offered an additional option for protection, like a bubble wrap. This gives the customer more peace of mind in turning their car over to the car transport company.

Nothing is precious that your car and the guys at VMS gets that. They fully understand where you are coming from. They listen that is why they are the best in catering to your needs. Everything that they do up to this point, every growth, every upgrade, every measure done and every people they have known this by heart. They have a deeper appreciation for cars that is why these people are the best people to handle your car transport.


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