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Order Placing Process In Do My Homework Site

Order Placing Process In Do My Homework Site

Do My Homework help us to complete our assignments. Students of school , college,  university when face a problem to complete their assignment in a short time, they take a help of this site. But we should understand how we place the order. For this purpose we will complete five steps. They are order details, contact information, order instructions, payment, order completion.

Order Details:

At first people should fill up the order details. It is very vital part because the cost of the assignment varies depending on the type of assignments, urgency, level and no. of ordered pages. For an example, if we choose the type is Essay, level is masters, no of pages is 1 and deadline is 14 days. This portal estimates the cost. If the client forgets to place the no. of pages, by default it is taken to be 1. If we complete the order details 20%work is done for placing an order.

Contact Information:

People should give their phone number. Though it is not necessary but it is very convenient way to communicate between the clients and site. Clients must inform their email Id to send the notifications, messages and completed assignments. This information is very vital for this site. If we fill up the contact information, 90%work is done.

Order Instructions:

In this part the clients should fill up the field of study, style and no. of sources and detailed and additional instructions if the writers maintain it in their writing. After completing this part 60% work is done.


Now clients can see the money which will be played by them for their assignments. This payment can be proceed by credit, debit, PayPal method. Each of them mentioned here is the secured processor, clients transaction goes successfully and we get a confirmation page on the screen. This sites sometimes send a confirmation email of additional instructions is about how to download the completed projects. When it completes 80% work is done.

Order Completion:

When the writer complete to place an order, the clients will receive an email. If the clients wishes to recheck the order, this site give then an opportunity to edit it. When the clients accept the order, they have to fill out a short survey to evaluate the work of writer and the quality of writing skill. If the clients impress about this, they confirm it to the site. Then we fully complete to place an order.


Here we always check the quality of writing. So it is the best site.

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