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Different Types of Coffee That Everyone Must Try

Different Types of Coffee That Everyone Must Try

Coffee is something that almost everyone likes. However, everyone likes a different type of coffee since there are so many varieties of them. Some people are very particular about how their coffee is made and what the ingredients of their coffee are even if they aren’t a regular coffee drinker. Before fixating on one particular coffee that you like, it is important that you know about the choices that you have. You may have seen a few types of coffees on the coffee machine you have in a mall or your workplace. To have a coffee machine that caters to different people’s coffee needs is a great asset in any work space. To know more about coffee machines visit http://www.saltpgh.com/the-keuring-k55-review/ .Below are the most popular types of coffees that you can choose from:

Café Americano

Café Americano is nothing but Espresso mixed with some hot water. The American soldiers during the Second World War used to mix hot water to their espressos so that they could enjoy the beverage for a longer period. The baristas followed the path and the rest is history. Café Americano is one of the most popular coffees today.

Café Latte

Café Latte has scolded or steamed milk with a single shot of coffee and is pretty much the favorite of a lot of coffee lovers. It is a frothy and smooth drink which you can have over and over again without feeling too high on coffee.



Cappuccino is easily the most popular coffee in the whole world. It is frothier than café latte and it has three layers. Ideally, the bottom layer is a shot of espresso, the middle layer is steamed milk, and the topmost layer is creamy milk.


Not everyone can drink or enjoy espresso since it is the purest form of coffee. It has a very strong flavor and may taste a bit bitter. An espresso is made by shooting boiling water through ground up coffee beans.

Flat White

Flat White has an Aussie background and it is made by pouring creamy milk into a shot of espresso.

 Long Black

Long black is made by pouring two shots of espresso into hot water. Even though it is very similar to Café Americano, it is much stronger in flavor.

Irish coffee

Irish coffee is made with coffee, sugar, creamy milk and, whiskey. Make sure that you don’t drink so much of it that you become a performer in the coffee house.

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