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Lasts longer

Many phones and other mobile devices use lithium ion batteries. These batteries have a longer shelf life compared to other batteries. This is especially so because many people use their mobile devices for a long time. Often, the user of the mobile device is away from it when driving or when it is charging. This kind of usage simply cannot continue on poor quality batteries.

Charge retention

Most batteries discharge even when they are not being used. Try charging a battery today and leave it somewhere without using it. When you need it and choose to use it, you will realize that it has lost its charge. Lithium ion batteries, unlike other batteries, retain most of the charge. It loses a little bit of the charge but you cannot compare this loss with that of other batteries.

No need to charge for hours

Some time ago when you bought a phone, you were required to charge it for hours before using it. litium-ion battery does not need this king of priming. It even works when it is partially charged. You can begin using it as it is or charge it but it is really not necessary. Even if you charge it, it will not take the hours it used to take years ago.

No memory effect

Unlike other batteries which have a memory and there is a need to discharge them fully before charging them,lithium ion batteries have no memory effect. You do not need to worry about memory affecting the quality of the battery.

You get different types

There are several types of lithium ion batteries that you will be able to find in www.gobatery.com . You will be able to get the different features you are looking for. All you will need to know is what your demands are and a professional will be able to guide you in making the best choice for yourself. Choosing a lithium ion battery has never been easier because you will only get the best from the collection that you will find in stock.

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