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Helpful Tips on How to Use Wheeled Walkers

Helpful Tips on How to Use Wheeled Walkers

Walkers are made to provide basic stability. They are also made for indoor uses.  There are varieties of walkers being sold out there today, and they can be categorized according to the following:

  • Types of handle
  • Seat types
  • Brakes
  • Presence or absence of wheels
  • Number of wheels
  • Adjustable heights
  • Folding or non-folding, frame shapes
  • Etc

How to choose the right walker

When buying wheeled walkers, you should consider one that will provide you with the best possible mobility. Also, the safety and maneuverability of the walker should be considered.  The walker can help you to overcome decreased endurance and fatigue. A walker with a high degree of stability is the best to buy if your legs find it difficult to carry your weight.

Furthermore, your balance difficulties can influence your choice of a walker. The physical difficulties you or symptoms are also some other factors that can determine your choice, like the speed of walking, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and pain.

How to use a walker safely

Safety precautions are essential when using wheeled walkers. Some tips to ensure complete safety when using the walkers will be considered below:

Standing up

  • Move forward and sit very close to your chair’s edge as comfortable as possible.
  • Let your feet lie directly under you with your toes placed directly below the edge of the chair.
  • Rest both hands on the set or arm of your chair. However, make sure your weight is balanced to avoid tilting the walker sideways.
  • Then lean forward until your weight rest on your feet
  • Stand with your legs as high as possible, while using your arms to maintain your balance.
  • Test your balance first before moving forward

Sitting down

  • Stand erect in front of the chair while facing away from it and with the back of your legs almost touching the chair
  • Bend slightly forward after moving the walker slightly away.
  • Then reach behind with both hands of the chair. You can also place one hand on the walker and the other hand on the chair.
  • Next, lower yourself into the chair using both legs


You can always get professional help from a therapist if you are finding it difficult to use the wheeled walkers. They can provide the required support that will make its utility a lot easier than ever. You may have to pay for their services, but many of them offer highly affordable professional services.

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