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Maka Wear Coronado Wayfarer: Buy A Pair, Save The Environment

Maka Wear Coronado Wayfarer: Buy A Pair, Save The Environment

Are you looking for a new pair of sunglasses trend that will make heads turn your way? Then you should learn more about the best bamboo sunglasses. This is the “thing” for millennials these days. Because of its unique bamboo design, this makes it stand out among the other options that you can find in the market

Coronado Wayfarer

            These stylish sunglasses are the perfect choice when you want to give it as a gift. But before you purchase one, let us go ahead and see the special features and specifications that it can offer. This article will help you decide whether the Coronado Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses is the perfect choice for your needs.

Maka Wear Coronado Wayfarer

If you check out online, you will find a lot of bamboo sunglasses products that people are talking about these days. This is usually made from 100% bamboo with polarized lenses that will maintain a clear vision while protecting your eyes from UV rays at the same time. And the lenses are scratch resistant.

Like the other sunglasses that we buy, it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. The sunglasses are encased in a sliding top magnetic bamboo case. One more reason to choose this product is that of its stainless steel spring hinges.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Color. What’s best about this brand is that you have a number of colors to choose from, depending on your taste. There’s brown bamboo, DuWood, ebony, natural bamboo, red rosewood, and zebrawood.
  • Sunglasses Size. It measures 145 mm frame width, 50 mm frame height, and 140mm frame length.
  • Material. It is made from 100% wood, as well as its storage box.

All About Maka Wear

If you are considering on buying wood sunglasses, Maka Wear is one of the best options for you when it comes to wooden or wood sunglasses. The company is dedicated to producing the best eyewear that they can share with the world. They have different wood sunglasses that you can choose from.

The creator of these amazing sunglasses believes that using wood brings out the beauty of its grains. This means that every pair of sunglasses is unique. And one good thing about wood sunglasses is that it can decompose. After you are done using these sunglasses for decades, it will not be a problem in the decomposition process, unlike sunglasses that are made out of different materials.

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