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Snapchat- everything you need to know

Snapchat- everything you need to know

Snapchat is a fun application that allows to send multimedia videos and images. It is most commonly used to share videos, messages, images and drawings. People can install and send messages free of cost. Snapchat has gained popularity In a very short period of time. Usually, number of young people like to operate this app for entertainment and fun. Snapchat has one highly amazing and attractive feature that makes it different from other forms of messages and photo sharing applications. In snapchat- text messages disappear or vanish after a few seconds of time.

Snapchat feature-

  • Messages disappear within 10 seconds

Snapchat app is really very simple and easy to use- all you have to click a snap by using your phone camera, select recipients with whom you want to share, set time for how long you want to keep your messages on story and click send. Once you set the time limit for the messages uploaded, it will disappear automatically when time limit expires. Moreover, the sender’s details and time stamp remain. Snapchat users can easily add friends from their device/phone contact list. Furthermore, users can add nearby friends also who are not in contact list. Snapchat is one of the most convenient source that assist to connect with new people and become friends as well.

How to send a photo on snapchat?

  • Capture a photo from your phone camera.
  • Customise photo or snap.
  • Adjust time settings.
  • Select the recipients with whom you want to share.
  • Send to selected contacts.

Some other interesting features of snapchat-

Snapchat consists of some other nifty features that make it even more popular. It has a simple drawing tool- its users can draw anything on the top of the snap, add text before sending an image to the recipients and draw pictures. Here are some most amazing features of snapchat that attracts and entertain young people-

  • Snapchat lenses
  • Snapchat stories
  • Snapchat memories
  • Snapchat discover and live stories
  • Snap Streaks and emoji’s

Find friends on snapchat-

It is very easy to find friends on snapchat just by searching their snapchat usernames. Here is the list of some snapchat friends – snap usernames that will assist you in finding friends easily and quickly.

  • Snapchat username- alinashah_567
  • Snapchat username- lovelygirlmisha143_
  • Snapchat username- hornyboyniks56
  • Snapchat username- millieverma678
  • Snapchat username- jollysheikh__

You can connect with new people by searching their username on snapchat.

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