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How To Turn Your Telephoto Photographs Amazing Every Time?

How To Turn Your Telephoto Photographs Amazing Every Time?

With the rise of telephoto and super telephoto lenses, the telephoto photography is on the rise. These lenses have opened up whole new dimensions in exploring the different subjects in a variety of new ways. They have become an integral part of wildlife and action photography and they essentially help to bring far objects close, fill the frame completely and take portraits and moon photographs. You can enhance your telephoto lens based photos with Photolemur.  Here is how to nail telephoto photography every single time like a pro.

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  1. Buy A Tripod

You need to take sharp photos when you are using a telephoto lens. Most of the photos may turn out to be noisy and dull due to a narrow field of view and zooming effect. A slight movement can ruin your photo especially when you are taking wildlife photos. Therefore, a tripod becomes essential to keep the camera and lens perfectly still. When you mount it on a tripod, you should turn off image stabilization and vibration reduction option to get sharp photos.

  1. Buy A Shutter Release

As a slight movement can turn your photo bur and dull, you cannot afford to press the shutter button on your camera. Instead, you need to buy a shutter release which is an extension cord having a shutter release button. This makes sure that your camera and lenses do not shake the slightest. Furthermore, some cameras come with Mirror lock-up option where you have to press the shutter release button twice so that the camera cancels out all the vibration in the first press and get ready to capture in the second press.

  1. Telephoto Effect

It is a unique optical effect that many photographers are unaware of that they telephoto lens has. You can create stunning subject and scene photography with it. It causes flattening of scenes with greater depth and hence, you get a feeling that subjects are separated by quite a lot of distance when they are very close in reality.

  1. Focus On Your Subject

Telephoto lenses give you the freedom to be extremely close to your subject and capture greater details and depth. You should always isolate your subject so that the surroundings do not distract people and only the subject gets all the limelight. You should frame your subject tightly as much as possible. You can also use https://photolemur.com to edit out different parts and get a stunning outcome.

  1. Alternatives

Even though telephoto lenses are super for distant objects, they are highly effective in macro photography as they can capture greater depth. You do not have to get your dress dirty anymore to capture lively photos. Apart from wildlife and macro photography, telephoto lenses are useful in capture action scenes with the subject in motion. You can also use the same in astro photography.

You should always carry a telephoto lens and even a super telephoto lens and experiment to have some breathtaking photos in your portfolio.

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