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Benefits Of 3d Printing                               

Benefits Of 3d Printing                               

Technology has moved in to various phases of life.  We may not get surprised if it brings a dead person to life in the future. Going by the advancements in science and Bio technology, we have to accept this fact. Bio science employs various methods like Nanotechnology, Bio printing and bio technology which harness bio molecular process to provide a better life and better planet for us to live in.

Among these, Bio printing has taken a substantially prominent role in providing human beings good organ formation after a serious trauma or organ failure. Though the system is still under scientific research, it has proved itself successful in certain areas like kidney transplantation. 3D Bioprinting is a bio scientific process which uses biological cells and tissues to create cell patterns which stores them for further scientific and engineering researches.  Bio printing by default uses three dimensional technology (3D) to print organic matter by using material known as Bio ink.

The process is generally done under three phases: pre bio printing, Bio printing and post bio printing.


  • They create customized prosthetics and anatomical models.
  • In medicine it is used in customizing medical drugs and equipment.
  • It helps in productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • It also helps in personalization of medical products.
  • In pharmaceuticals, it aids in new drug discoveries, their positive and negative impacts.

  • Recent studies and experiments also show that apart from organ transplantation, it can also be used in forming new skin for damaged skin grafts.
  • Nanotechnology is helpful in forming new skin cells in amputee’s body part with the help of a computer design not exceeding an hour.
  • It also helps in tissue engineering by conducting research on bio materials, the ones used in 3D objects.
  • In clinical treatments to amputated patients, this process is useful to take x-rays nd molds and by using advanced technology and recreate prosthetic which resembles the original tissue. It is of great use for a severely damaged organ.

Recent advancements:

For ages, it has been used in producing product prototypes. There are also machines called PROTO TYPING MACHINES. There are many companies like Organovo and Ultimateker which are completely involved in making prototypes of human tissues.

Apart from organ making, the technology is widely used in other areas like movies,making jewellery, toy cars and many things because of its lower cost when compared to past decade. In the next ten years it can definitely grow to a 10 billion industry with nearly 2 billion expected to be spent in medical industry.


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